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Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP Solution built for wholesalers, retailers & distributors

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We are passionate about helping businesses succeed


Trusted methodologies refined over 40 years for detailing, building, implementing & supporting software


8 Working Hour SLA for all customers


Interprise has built in customisation capabilities


Apex IT's Directors collectively hold over 100 years experience delivering solutions for wholesalers & distributors


96% of support queries are resolved first call

Room to Grow

Depth of functionality & integration possibilities mean you can keep adding to your infrastructure

How we deliver

Providing you with the tools 

Email Support

Available at all business hours

Phone Support

Available at all business hours

Support Documentation

Online articles which analyse workflows and ways of working in Interprise

University Course

Become an Interprise Certified Professional
Lower Implementation costs
Brush up your skills

Knowledge Base

Our Central Information Hub for the Interprise Suite

Video Support

Product Demonstrations available for your team

Solution Architects

Proven capabilities to scope your workflow, build, implement & support bespoke solutions


Ready to listen to your requirements and deliver for you

What sets our product apart

Depth & breadth of functionality  

Interprise Suite is an End-To-End Processing solution that covers every angle of your business


Immediate benefits highlighted by interprise users

Allocate Stock Live

Know how much stock you have, where it is, what is coming in and when it is arriving

Telephony Integration

Access customer details with one click

Ask the Customer

Know your customers & increase turnover

Paperless Bills

Automate data entry to free up resource and improve accuracy

trade counter

Speed up your retail customer experience

Picking notes by route

Lower your picking times, improve pick quality & organisation

Unparalleled reporting capabilities

Endless options for slicing and displaying data


Speed up your workflows & automate communications

Supplier Feeds

Receive supplier prices and stock levels automatically

Carrier Integration

Push customer info to carriers portals automatically


No more manual conversions

Customer feeds

Give customers prices changes, stock levels & delivery times automatically

Ecommerce integration

A single source of truth regarding your workloads

Packing Station

Process orders accurately & efficiently

Batch Traceability

Track your stock with precision

Case Management

Log disputes & deliver solutions from one place

How we make interprise work for you

Advanced starting point




Custom Fields

Native fields which capture important data for your business

Plug in Architecture

Reduces cost & development time for bespoke work


Easy connection to other applications

Accelerate your growth today

Start your ERP project

Our ERP Project Framework demystifies the process of moving to a new system

What is included:

  • How to assess current software shortfalls & benefits
  • Framework for outlining current operational workflows
  • How to consider vendors and their offerings
  • How to successfully manage your transition