90% of B2B businesses would turn to a competitor if their supplier’s digital channels don’t keep up with their needs

Avionos, 2021

B2B Ecommerce is where one business purchases goods, products, services or information from another business online.

For a B2B Ecommerce transaction to occur, two businesses, such as retailers wholesales and distributors, conduct business over an online platform rather than traditional channels such as email or phone.

Typically, we have known Ecommerce to be in the remit of Business to consumer. B2B Ecommerce has largely been seen as a ‘trendy’ luxury, and nothing more than a brochure. 

This is changing, here is why. 

The facts

The % of businesses that would swap to a competitor if their suppliers channel couldn’t keep up with their needs

Avionos, 2021


Increase in check-out values from personalised online B2B webshops

Forbes, 2019


The proportion of businesses that claimed B2B webshop functionality impacted their decision to use that supplier

Demand Gen, 2020


Why is the B2B eCommerce sales channel becoming so popular? 

What can be done to position yourself properly? 

Understand your buyer’s journey

As a vendor, you will need to understand what information is important to your customers and prospects. For Wholesalers & Distributors, think about the following information:

Product Info

  • Are your product descriptions accurate? 
  • Do they reference the benefits of using that specific product? 

Item Prices

  • Are customers able to access promotional offers and special pricing? 
  • Are your prices kept up to date? 

Item Documentation

  • Are customers able to access marketing materials, conformity documentation, manuals/instructions, specifications?

Search Terms

Do you consider how your consumers search for your items? 

Do certain items have industry names that are different to manufacturer names? 

Website Development

Have you invested in your shop floor or office recently, what about your retail outlets? Much in the same way you invest in those avenues, it is central for you to invest in a feature-rich B2B web shop. Demand Gen (2020) found these elements to be important for B2B buyers. 


72% of buyers find accurate and comeptitive pricing to be important online


59% of buyers find reviews an important part of the buyer journey

Ease of Use

56% of buyers prefer websites that are easy to use: this includes navigation, images, information display

Solve a Pain Point

Marketing material & product descriptions which aid consumers in finding solutions to their problems

For inspiriation on developing your website

Look at the best eCommerce websites you know of. Take inspiration from those websites and apply it to your own.


  • Clear search field for browsing
  • Easy access to product categories
  • Cart Display with items in
  • Access to account and previous orders


  • Based on categories, pricing, brand, reviews
  • Featured items


  • High-Resolution Images
  • White/Plain Backgrounds
  • In-depth product descriptions
  • Reviews

Importance of a well formatted website

Overall, Amazon’s website is feature-rich, easy to navigate and has little friction for finding items.

The less friction when searching/finding the right items, the more likely the consumer is to put items in their basket. 

The more items in the basket, the more revenue. 

You can use products such as Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento etc for preformatted Webshops, these are typically very good.

For writing product descriptions, employ a copywriter. They will better sell the benefits of products and display important product information in a coherent way to customers. Use platforms such as Fiverr to find copywriters.

If the photography of items you receive from suppliers leaves much to be desired, we recommend taking pictures in-house or with a photographer.

B2B Functionality

B2B Functionality puts all your customer information that is held within your accounting software onto your website. Webshops with B2B Features and functionality will stand above websites, this is because B2B webshops enhance the levels of personalisation available. B2B features can include:

Stock Levels

Customer Specific Pricing

Customer Order History

Statement of Account


How we can help you grow online

Interprise Suite’s API

In normal language, our ‘API’ allows you to retrieve information from Interprise on demand and send information (such as web shop orders) on demand to Interprise. 

An API works in a similar way to when you plug in a hard-drive to send files to the hard drive, and also take them off the hard drive to your local machine. Except the API is live and information passes between the types systems all the time. 

Here are the types of information we can send to Interprise from the Web shop

Sales Orders

Customer Details

Shipping Details

Order Item Lines


Customer Records

Here are the types of information we can send to the web shop from Interprise

Quote Detail

Item Detail

Kit Components

Invoice Detail

Customer Pricing

Price Lists

Shipping Methods


Customer Ship To Addresses

Credit Details

Returns Processing

Web Shop Connectors

Interprise has prebuilt connections to Webshops that will allow you
post info from Interprise and get information from your web shop. Here are some integrations we have written

These connectors use our API to perform basic tasks such as updating the website with order status, sell price, and stock qty from Interprise and bringing in sales orders to Interprise.

If you require more complicated or not included in the basic connectors, you will have to speak to your web developer.

Interprise Suite GoB2B integration

Who is GoB2B? 

GoB2B is a feature-rich, fully integrated, B2B eCommerce platform for wholesalers, distributors & manufacturers. 

The GoB2B platform automates your sales order processing by taking customer orders directly from you website into sales orders on your accounts software. 

Some of the features include

Order Processing

Stock Allocations, Repeat Orders, Saving Baskets, Quotations, Abandoned Baskets, Order Tracking, Nominal Analysis, Payment Methods.

Stock Position

Final Checkout stock check, allow back order, bundle stock, configurable out and low stock thresholds, due in dates (from your Purchase Orders).

Product Data

Name, description, primary image, nominal info, supplier part number, multi-lingual, barcodes, selling price, RRP, Tax codes, Multi-currency, Categories, sub-categories, departments, alternatives, often bought with, downloadable content.

Shipping Features

Shipping by weight, volumetric weight, value, number, product specific shipping, by post-code/country

For more information on what GoB2B can do for you, go here


Our advice is this, if you are serious about launching a B2B web shop, GoB2B will be an invaluable partner.

GoB2B will give your site the features and functionality to personalise the customer experience, raise your average cart value and improve your revenues.

The UK Government’s Help to Grow Digital initiative will allow you to save 50% on GoB2B’s integrated eCommerce software.

Take advantage of this offer whilst it lasts.

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