How we can help you improve pick quality in your warehouse

Interprise Suite puts you in control. This blog will explore ways we can help improve your sales order fulfilment processes

Are you faced with customers complaining about wrong/missing items in orders?

Is your warehouse a mess, with stock in random places with no logic as to how goods are stored?

Are your team spending too much time looking for or picking goods?

Perhaps you face none of these challenges but want a system which supports your team, aiding to improve picking times, pick quality and implementing more checks/controls on the order processing. Interprise can help your managers in the following ways: 

Create Locations/Bins in your warehouse

Implement preferred put-away locations

Pick Note with Routes by location in the warehouse

Barcode Scanning


In this blog, we will uncover the ways in which ERP Software can assist your business in its order processing. Our ERP Software has multiple ways of working, so it’s best to outline your workflows and understand how Interprise Suite can be absorbed into it.

Our customers can process between 20-100 orders a day, all the way to 1500 orders per day. We have routines to fit a variety of businesses.

If you have trouble outlining your workflows, speak with one of our consultants today at or 0161 387 7140 

Creating locations/Bins in your warehouse

What is a bin/location? A location in your warehouse is exactly that; it’s a small part of your warehouse which has been sectioned off a coded with a location name. Some examples of locations include:

A, A1, A2, A3, B, B1, B2, B3 and so on.

Creating locations and coding allows you to input the locations into Interprise. This means that when you print a pick note, Interprise will tell the picker the location.

Secondly, when your team create Goods Received Notes to book stock in, it will tell your warehouse ops where the preferred put away locations are. 

You can do this without Interprise Suite. But if your current software doesn’t have the capabilities to implement locations, your system will leave your pickers & warehouse managers without the information they need to do their job efficiently.

A benefit to storing location/bin information on your system is when your warehouse manager is off. The rest of the warehouse operatives will be able to find where goods are located and where to put away stock that has recently arrived.

Warehouse ops might not know where to put them or where newly booked in stock has been placed. Interprise Suite will give your team that information and save them time on finding this information out.

As an example, this warehouse has locations for items that are in a marshalling zone before they are put away, defective items, items that need to be repaired. Below, there are locations such as A1, A2, A3. These are bin locations where stock is held. 

Interprise allows you to create as many locations as is required. This permits you to be granular on where stock is located. 

Implementing put away locations

Preferred put away locations start at the item level, so when you are creating items in Interprise, you will have the option to choose a preferred location. 

How you implement locations will depend on how you organise your warehouse.

  • Do you put heavy items closer to the packing area?
  • Do you have zones that are operated purely by forklifts?
  • Do you organise by product categories?
  • Do you put best-selling items closer to the packing station? 


The organisation method you use will determine how you put away your goods.

For example, we can see that on the item 19” SVGA colour monitor, the preferred pick and put away location is in Location 1.

This puts all of your team on the same hymn sheet as to where stock is located, where it can be found for picking, and where it must be put away once received. 

On this Goods Received Note (GRN) at the bottom you can see that Location 1 is where this item is usually stored.


When selecting goods which have been put on sales orders, you will be able to see where the item is located on the picking note: 

You can have put away notes exactly like your picking notes if required.

By having this information on your operations system, it provides your team with clarity on information for putting goods away and picking goods.

Creating routes through your warehouse for picking goods

If your team are taking individual sales orders, picking the goods on and bringing them to the packing area to be packed – that is one way to work.

If you are trying to scale up the amount of orders you can process, you will likely need to pick multiple orders at once, and have the most efficient picking routes.

This is where software can help your picking team become more efficient and process more orders per hour. Want to see how?

When printing your picking notes, you have the option to print picking notes “By Route Order”, but you can also do them in batches. This consolidates multiple orders into one picking note.

Additional layers of security: barcode scanners



If you find that even after implementing better organisation in your warehouse that your pick quality is still poor – you need to implement a barcode scanning system.

You would have Interprise Suite running on a portable device with a Bluetooth scanner. This means for all the goods you are selecting in the warehouse, to check it off you would have to first scan the location, scan the item, confirm the quantity to move, and then move on to the next item.

This moves into our Warehouse Management module, if you would like to discuss this, then email us at – barcode scanning is a sure way to improve your pick quality.


As you grow, you cannot simply glance around the warehouse to check stock and know where it is, your premises will increase in size and the number of items in your warehouse will undoubtedly grow. It is best to know what is possible from a systems perspective – that way much of the heavy lifting can be done by the software.

We have articles on our Knowledge Base which explore this in more detail:

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